Aquanet EC-2000

Our patented dual mode technology lets practitioners effortlessly switch between pressure mode with APST™ and gravity mode with LEGT™ during a treatment. This allows practitioners to fine-tune the treatment to individual patient’s needs allowing for a more comfortable treatment.

Pressure Mode

In Pressurized mode the Aquanet EC-2000 uses a series of control valves to reduce input pressure from your municipal water supply down to a safe low pressure of 1 to 2 psi. It employs the highly acclaimed and patented Applied Pressure Sensing Technology (APST™) system to regulate pressure and flow rate. APST™ senses pressure as it builds in the colon and bypasses as the pressure approaches 2 psi, never allowing the pressure in the colon to exceed 2 psi while still maintaining a high flow rate. The result is much more thorough clearing of debris with greater safety and comfort than other pressure operated colon hydrotherapy equipment.

Gravity Mode

In Gravity mode the Aquanet EC-2000 uses a carefully measured, elevated volume of water to create a low pressure delivery of water to the colon. It uses our patented Low Elevation Gravitational Technology (LEGT™). LEGT™ uses a small amount of water elevated at a specific height to create 1 psi of pressure. This allows for a gentle gravity-fed introduction of water at a maximum of 1 psi into the colon.

Leading health professionals around the world have chosen the Aquanet EC-2000™ for their practice. 

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The Aquanet EC-2000 comes with all of the standard features you would expect from Aquanet Equipment and more:

Low Elevation Gravitational Technology (LEGT™)

Uses a small amount of water elevated at a specific height to create 1 psi of pressure. This allows for a gentle gravity-fed introduction of water at a maximum of 1 psi into the colon, creating a comfortable and effective treatment experience.

Applied Pressure Sensing Technology (APST)

Our patented APST technology ensures that treatment water pressure is reduced to a safe level. Pressure increase in the colon is carefully monitored and controlled. A safe upper limit of 2 psi is never exceeded and the patient experiences an effective treatment with virtually no cramping.  

Automatic Temperature Control

Keeps treatment water at a safe, comfortable 38°C (100°F). In addition to increasing patient comfort, this is a safety feature that automatically shuts off water flow in the event of cold water supply failure.  

Digital Treatment Timer

Simple easy to use and view.

Well Illuminated Viewing Tube

Choice of full spectrum LED or fluorescent lighting for waste pathway.

Precision Flow Control

Easy to handle flow control valve with a precision flow meter for maximum control.

Forward Positioned Waste Pathway

Angled view window for easy viewing.

Dual Sanitation

Dual Sanitation means that both the waste management system (view tube) and the internal water delivery lines can be sanitized using high level disinfectant.

Three Stage Water Treatment

Provides enhanced water quality. 3-stage water treatment with low cost filter cartridge replacement. Treatment water passes through a pre-filter to remove sediment and an activated carbon filter to remove chlorine. Treatment water then passes through an ultraviolet steriliser to treat any organics in the water.

Component Assembly

Aquanet equipment is built using pre-assembled components. This makes servicing simple and minimizes downtime.

Filter Change Indicator

Ensures that you always have optimum filtration of treatment water.

The Aquanet EC-2000 has available accessories to suit the needs of your practice.


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