Aquanet Colon Hydrotherapy
Add-On Devices

Our Aquanet equipment allows for several add-on devices that you can easily add either when you purchase the equipment or at any time in the future as you may need them.

Universal Cart Stand

This add-on converts all models of Aquanet into easily moveable devices, allowing you to move the Aquanet from one treatment room to another with ease.

Product #4314

Disposable Drip Tray Installation

This add on allows you to add an extra level of sanitation with a drip tray, which catches contaminated water when waste hose is disconnected after a treatment.

Product #4350 (EC-2000)
Product #5350 (APS-100 & GRY-500)


Stainless Steel Utensil Tray

Useful for holding the speculum kit bag during treatment, placed on top of the Aquanet.

Product #4315


Additional Quick-Release Sewer Connection

For each additional treatment location you will need one of these additional rubber connection sleeves with hose-to-pipe coupling.

Product #4365


Water Volume Counter

The water volume counter is quick and easy to add to any of the three Aquanet devices. It enables medical professionals to quickly discern the amount of water, in ounces or milliliters, that has entered the patient’s colon during a fill cycle.

Product #4375-115 (115V power adaptor)
Product #4375-220 (220V power adaptor)
Product #4375-230 (230V power adaptor)


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