Aquanet Colon Hydrotherapy
Add-On Devices

Our Aquanet equipment allows for several add-on devices that you can easily add either when you purchase the equipment or at any time in the future as you may need them.

Universal Cart Stand

This add-on converts all models of Aquanet into easily moveable devices, allowing you to move the Aquanet from one treatment room to another with ease.

Product #4314

Disposable Drip Tray Installation

This add on allows you to add an extra level of sanitation with a drip tray, which catches contaminated water when waste hose is disconnected after a treatment.

Product #4350 (EC-2000)
Product #5350 (APS-100 & GRY-500)


Stainless Steel Utensil Tray

Useful for holding the speculum kit bag during treatment, placed on top of the Aquanet.

Product #4315


Additional Quick-Release Sewer Connection

For each additional treatment location you will need one of these additional rubber connection sleeves with hose-to-pipe coupling.

Product #4365


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