colonoscopy preparation

Aquanet Equipment and Supplies

Dual mode gravity and pressure delivers full range treatment
Industry standard pressure mode colon hydrotherapy device
Gentle gravity mode device for sensitive patients


EcoFlex Speculum Kits8143-EF Disposable Kit with Regular Size Speculum with Insertion Guide Rings (purple bag)
Fully adjustable with
built in pump
Pro-Fit Speculum Kitsstandard-purple
The industry standard
speculum kit


Clinic Furniture Colon Hydrotherapy Clinic Furniture Medical Charts Colon Hydrotherapy Medical Charts laminated wall poster Trainingcolonoscopy-prep-training-nurse Treatment Shortsshorts small

Technical Support replacement-parts Replacement Parts 45-24-EC Treatment ProductsOther treatment supplies Filters & Lights filter-savings

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Please Note: Class II Colon Hydrotherapy devices including speculums and treatment kits are regulated. Regulations restrict the sales of these items by or on the order of a physician. Their purchase and use must be authorized by a medical professional licensed in your jurisdiction.

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