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Prime Pacific Health Innovations Corporation is the standard in the colon hydrotherapy equipment industry through innovative, high quality equipment and customer care.

Aquanet EC-2000

The world’s only gravity and pressure controlled colon hydrotherapy
device, allowing for combined pressure and gravity treatments fine-tuned to your patient’s needs.

Aquanet APS-100

Pressure controlled colon hydrotherapy machine with the industry
leading safety of our patented Applied Pressure Sensing Technology

Aquanet GRY-500

This colon hydrotherapy machine controls pressure by the height of the water in the gravity column.


Introducing the world’s first convertible basin treatment table, allowing for both open-style and closed-style colon hydrotherapy treatments from a single treatment room.

Aquanet Series Colon Hydrotherapy Equipment

Proven quality for your treatment style.

Convertible Basin Treatment Table

An innovative new health product.

Aquanet Series

Colon Hydrotherapy Equipment


Convertible Basin Treatment Table

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