Industry Standard Pro-Fit Disposable Treatment Kits

Pro-Fit Disposable Treatment Kits

Five High Performance Speculums to Choose From

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Kit contents

Pro-Fit Colon Hydrotherapy Speculum Kit

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USA and Canada

Ergonomic speculum

Choose any of 5 speculum styles

No BPA, No Phthalates, No Latex

High velocity
waste hose

4ft length.
Can cut in 6" increments

Lightweight hyperFlex waterline

4ft long, 1/4" inside diameter easily fits with speculum
3/8" waterlines also available

5g jelly lube

FDA, Health Canada, European cleared class II devices
Class II FDA cleared
FDA, Health Canada, European cleared class II devices

All components in our Pro-Fit disposable treatment kits confirm to US and international standards and have been cleared by the FDA, Health Canada and European Community as a class II medical devices. So you know you'll get great quality.

Call   1.800.223.9374

Click to contact us online...

Available world-wide

Call   1.800.223.9374

Click to contact us online...

Available world-wide


Regular Pro-Fit Speculum and Obturator for Colon Hydrotherapy

Pro-Fit Ergonomic Speculums

Specifically designed with patient comfort in mind. The enlarged tips on all models serves to keep the speculum securely in place throughout even the most difficult procedure even with ample jelly lube applied.   Speculums can be used with either 1/4" or 3/8" waterlines.   You can purchase speculums separately.  

Pro-Fit, High-Velocity Waste Hose

Pro-Fit high velocity colon hydrotherapy waste hose

The 3/4" waste hose is rugged and designed with special ridges to maximize waste flow. It can be cut at 6" increments so you can reduce the length of the hose.   The hose contains no BPA, Phthalates or Latex and can be easily attached and detached from both the speculum and devices fittings.


Colon hydrotherapy waterline pro-fit disposable treatment kits

Hyper-Flex, lightweight waterline

This high quality lightweight waterline is easily squeezed and bounces back to its original shape.   An optional 3/8" waterline is also available.      

Jelly Lubricant

Bacteriostatic, latex free, water soluble lubricant.

Prime Pacific Health has been a premium supplier of Colon Hydrotherapy equipment and supplies since 2001.

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