Now you can choose your preferred lighting for viewing expelled waste! All Aquanet models are now shipped with both LED and Fluorescent waste pathway lighting.

After consulting with health care professionals who work with colon hydrotherapy equipment all day, the innovators at Prime Pacific Health Innovations have taken into consideration these practitioners’ feedback regarding waste pathway lighting. While many practitioners indicated that they prefer the high penetration capability that LED lighting offers, many others pointed out that LED lighting can be straining on the eyes when viewed for extended periods of time, and expressed a preference for the softer fluorescent lighting.


We’ve decided to give you, the practitioner, the choice. When you order an Aquanet unit you will be sent both a fluorescent light bulb (along with the appropriate fixture) in addition to an LED light bulb (along with the appropriate fixture).


The Aquanet units’ advanced design enables you to switch between the two lighting systems quickly and easily.


You can choose after you’ve tried both, or switch between the two:


Powerful LED lighting with 42 individual super bright full spectrum LEDs. High penetration viewing of expelled waste:







Soft full spectrum flourescent lighting. Less tiring on the practitioner’s eyes: