FREE Rental Program

What happens when your Aquanet needs factory service?


No problem, with our FREE rental program™ you keep your practice up and running without losing sleep.


We’re so confident about our device reliability we’ll give you a free rental unit while yours is in our shop receiving our very best TLC.


With our FREE rental program™ if your machine ever needs factory service we’ll ship you a FREE rental unit and, incredibly, we even pay the shipping.


Once you have our replacement unit up and running all you do is put yours in our return box then we pick it up free of charge!


Back at our factory our expert technicians do all the necessary repairs then happily send it back on its way to you within 48 hours.


BECOME A FREE RENTAL MEMBER TODAY and never worry about down time again.


To find out more contact us.

Why do we do this?


Because we want to help you succeed.


We recognize that although our equipment is ultra-reliable occasionally a device needs to come back to us for in-depth diagnostics and repair.


But why should you be out of business while this happens?


We don’t think you should.


So, we’ve decided we’ll send you one of our rental units – which normally rent for $100/day – FOR FREE!


And because our machines have a fifteen year track record of reliability we know this makes sense.


That’s why we created our FREE rental program™


You shouldn’t have to shoulder all the burden.

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