Eco-Flex... a different kind of speculum kit


For disposal the hose can be collapsed to take up less than 1/2 the disposal space

For medical professionals who want a high performance hose combined with savings and eco-friendly

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Fully Adjustable Waste Hose

Disposable treatment speculum kits for colon hydrotherapyThe Eco-Flex waste hose ships in a compact package.   It's 50% smaller and lighter than conventional disposable treatment kits.   Eco-Flex waste hose for colon hydrotherapy When you take it out of the package it easily expands to any length you desire up to a maximum of 4 foot (122cm).  

50% space savings!boxes

Because the Eco-Flex is compressed for shipment it requires only 50% of the space conventional speculum kits use. The result: lower shipping costs and you get to free up some of your storage space.

Even better... when collapsed the hose takes up 50% less space in your waste disposal!

Smaller for shipping also means smaller for disposal too.

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eco-friendlyEnvironmentally Friendly

The new Eco-Flex waste hose uses 60% less plastic so it helps reduce landfill waste. And because it's lighter and smaller it also requires less fuel to ship it.

So, we all benefit from less environmental impact.

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