Colon Hydrotherapy is increasingly being adopted as an effective and comfortable method of colonoscopy preparation. This method of colonic irrigation is similar in principle to an enema, however it is far more effective. At first glance, a 45 minute procedure to prepare for a colonoscopy may seem far from efficient. However, with 98% of patients rating colonoscopy preparation with colon hydrotherapy as “easy” and with the quality of the preparation being as good as if not better than traditional PEG or sodium phosphate preps, re-scheduling colonoscopy as a result of poorly tolerated preps is practically a thing of the past when a prep that includes colon hydrotherapy is used in place of the traditional prep.


Aquanet colon hydrotherapy technology is used in leading hospitals and clinics all over the world for colonoscopy preparation and comes highly recommended by colorectal surgeons for the quality of prep that the Aquanet is able to produce.