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International Standards
All Pro-Fit Speculums are cleared by the FDA as class II medical devices

Pro-Fit Speculums meet all international medical equipment standards.

They are cleared as a class II medical devices by the FDA, Health Canada and European Community

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Premium Quality,
Affordable Price

Our Pro-Fit speculums use industry leading moulding technology.

This means there are no sharp edges, burrs or other imperfections that could cause patient discomfort

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Colon Hydrotherapy Speculums

High-Performance Speculums

For all standard size waste hoses


Your choice of 5 speculum types

Pro-Fit ergonomic speculums

Solo, mix-n-match or in kits

Same Day Shipping, US and Canada

When you just want to change the speculum and not the whole kit.

All our speculums contain absolutely
no BPA, no Phthalates and no Latex.

Lab tested hypo-allergenic with no cytotoxity

Lab tested: hypo-allergenic, no cytotoxity
...ensure your patients are safe

Lab tests conducted at NAMSA, Ohio, USA

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Speculum Selection Guide

Pro-Fit Speculum Selection Guide

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