Why Colon Hydrotherapy for Colonoscopy Prep?

Dr. Joseph Fiorito on colonics for colonoscopy prep and CT study proving efficacy

Dr. Joseph Fiorito, M.D. Chief of Gastroentorology at Danbury Hospital

Susan Frailey, R.N. Owner Hydroprep Solutions

Dr. Roland Shepard, M.D. Gastroentoroligist, owner Medi Colon Hydrotherapy

Dr. Christopher Demetriou, M.D. Gastroentorologist, owner GI Doctors

Why the Aquanet APS-100?

APS-100 with mobile cart stand
APS-100 on mobile stand

Lowest Risks

  • Applied Pressure Sensing Technology (APST) limits pressure to the colon to the 2 psi safe limit set by the FDA.
  • The APST backup system keeps the maximum patient pressure within safe limits.
  • Dual Disinfection provides for medical grade disinfection:
    1. Waste pathway system: provides for fast, effective disinfection between patients.
    2. Complete system: provides for complete disinfection of the entire internal water system.
  • All equipment is cleared as class II medical devices by the FDA and Health Canada and has a class IIa EC mark for Europe.

Minimum Downtime

  • Ultra-reliable design: expect more than 10,000 hrs mean-time-between-failures.
  • Regularly scheduled annual maintenance will prevent most breakdowns before they occur.
  • Fast unscheduled repairs: with replacement parts on-site unscheduled repairs can be done in minutes.

Superior Support

  • Easy for new operators to learn: with the training DVD medical professionals can be ready to perform procedures within hours.
  • Phone or video technical support.
  • Overnight shipment of any required replacement part.
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