Colorectal cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer and cancer deaths in American men and women and colonoscopy is the current standard for evaluation of colonic mucosa, allowing for both diagnostic evaluation and therapeutic intervention. However, less than 34% of American men and women aged 50 years and over reported undergoing endoscopic CRC screening within the previous 10 years (2007 The American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy “Enhancing the quality of colonoscopy: the importance of bowel Purgatives” Review Article). One of the biggest barriers to patient participation in screening is the difficulty and discomfort associated with bowel preparation. Improving tolerability of colon-cleansing will undoubtedly promote greater patient compliance with CRC screening guidelines.


The efficacy of the diagnostic and therapeutic roles of colonoscopy relies on a colon free of fecal material and debris. According to Current Gastroenterology Report (2013 15:341), the ideal bowel preparation should meet several criteria. It should reliably cleanse the colon of fecal material. It should not have any effect on the gross microscopic appearance of the colon mucosa. It should require a short period of administration and evacuation and cause no discomfort. It should be safe and not cause any significant electrolyte disturbances. And it should be simple, acceptable to patients, and appropriate for use in both inpatients and outpatients. Unfortunately, as the report continues, most of these criteria are not met by the preparation methods that are currently broadly available.


Both patients and practitioners are looking for a new solution, and that solution can be provided by colon hydrotherapy. 96% of patients who experienced colon hydrotherapy prep would choose the colon hydrotherapy (HydroPREP) for their future colonoscopy according to the ACG 2006 Comparative Study of Three Bowel Preps. Furthermore, tests of electrolyte levels before and after colon hydrotherapy have found that no significant shift occurs. Endoscopists report clear preps and patients enjoy greater comfort and tolerability of prep. More details on clinical outcomes can be found here:


Implementing a new therapy into a clinical environment, however, can bring its own set of challenges. These challenges can be met and increased patient satisfaction, lower cancellations rates due to unsuccessful preps, and greater profitability for your clinic or hospital can easily be achieved via the comprehensive “gold standard” protocol for administering colon hydrotherapy offered by Colon Hydro Prep Solutions. Theirs is a turn-key approach to implementing colon hydrotherapy in a clinic or hospital setting. CHPS is the only Board of Nursing approved RN Training program for colon hydrotherapy. Furthermore, Colon Hydrotherapy Prep Solutions has expertise in situation analysis and hospital integration and can offer multiple department work flow scenarios for best outcomes to success. Integration includes hospital policies, legal documentation, and competency templates necessary for accreditation requirements. CHPS’ expertise will allow your hospital or clinic to quickly integrate colon hydrotherapy into their existing work flow with little or no learning curve plus an immediate ROI. For more information, contact CHPS directly by filling in the form found here: