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We pride ourselves on providing high-quality Colon Hydrotherapy supplies.

Colon Hydrotherapy Supplies


Providing high quality colon hydrotherapy treatment supplies.

We have a comprehensive array of colon hydrotherapy supplies. 


Disposable Colon Hydrotherapy Speculums & Kits

Our ProFit line of colonic speculums come in three models and two sizes.  With the use of our established speculum selection guideline, you’ll be able to ensure that you use the correct speculum with each individual patient.  If you’d like a copy of our speculum selection guideline, please contact us.   The ProFit speculum kits come complete with a speculum, four feet of both waste hose and waterline, and a five gram packet of jelly lube, all in an easy to open perforated package.  These disposable colon hydrotherapy supplies are made in compliance with strict international regulatory requirements.  Speculums are made from DEHP and BPA free materials, are bio-compatibility and toxicity tested, and are disinfected before packaging.  For details on the ProFit line of colonic speculums and colonic treatment kits you can visit the Speculums & Kits page.


Colon Hydrotherapy Equipment Replacement Filters & Bulbs

Keeping your Aquanet colon hydrotherapy equipment in top working order means ensuring that the filters and bulbs are working well.  The Aquanet’s filters will be changed every 200-300 treatments and the UV light bulb will be changed once a year.  These colon hydrotherapy supplies are outlined in detail on the Filters & Bulbs page.


Other Colon Hydrotherapy Supplies

Other colon hydrotherapy supplies that you will need include disinfecting solution to disinfect the colon hydrotherapy equipment’s waste pathway and internal water lines, treatment underpads, disposable treatment shorts to be worn by patients as a modesty protection measure, and medical examination gloves.  These colon hydrotherapy supplies are outlined in more detail on the Other Consumables page.


Colon Hydrotherapy Clinic Furniture

Your colonic clinic will need certain items of furniture.  We have several items of furniture available to help you set up your professional colon hydrotherapy clinic with ease.  These furniture items are outlined in detail on the Clinic Furniture page.

Colon Hydrotherapy Supplies

In-Time Inventory Management Program

Don’t let your colonic clinic run out of colon hydrotherapy supplies.

This is a free service to ensure that your colonic clinic never runs out of or is overstocked with colon hydrotherapy supplies including treatment kits, speculums, underpads, treatment shorts, and anything else you need regularly.


Just tell what your needs are regarding quantity and shipping frequency. We call you 7 business days in advance to check on your stock levels and ship according to what you need. Sign up today and enjoy these great benefits:


  • Discounted Prices
  • Delivered at the right time
  • Lowest delivery cost
  • Never run out or be overstocked


To join and take advantage of the “In-Time” Inventory Management Program contact our Customer Service Experts at:


North America: 1-800-223-9374

Rest of World: +1-604-929-7019



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