The Clinical Performance
Colon Hydrotherapy Machine

Premium Safety and Proven Reliability

For busy clinics and medical professionals who want
ease of use with minimal downtime.

Susan Frailey Aquanet owner

“... the APS-100 is the most proficient device on the market for clinical use, with PPHIC providing knowledgeable staff and excellent customer service."

Susan Frailey, RN. California, USA

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Reliability built in, Servicing a snap

Aquanet APS-100 is ultra reliable and very easy to service
Easy Rear Access

The APS-100 is designed to give you years of trouble free service. But like all mechanical devices, occasionally, servicing is required.

The hinged back allows for fast, easy access. And because all the internal components are modular we can quickly ship you a replacement so you can be up and running again in minutes.

So whether wall mounted or on a mobile cart servicing is fast and efficient so you have the minimum downtime.

North America 1.800-223-9374

International +1.604-929-7019

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"It's the great attention to detail that counts..."

Dual Sanitation

PlayDual Sanitation System
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Two ways of disinfecting your machine helps ensure your patients are safe.

Waste Pathway: Quickly disinfect your waste pathway after each session

Full System: Thoroughly disinfect the entire water pathway

Drip Tray

Aquanet APS-100 attention to detail drip tray

After every treatment there is the messy business of disconnecting the hoses. This nifty little drip tray ensures contaminated waste does not drip on your floor.

A clean clinic is essential.

Pressure Sensing and Limiting

Applied Pressure Sensing Technology

Applied Pressure Sensing Technology (APST) limits colon pressure to ensure the safest, most effective treatments possible.

This unique patient safety technology limits pressure in the colon to the safe limit set by the FDA of 2psi.

The Aquanet Advantage

APST → high flow rate,
maximum safety...

APST limits colon pressure to the maximum FDA safe limit of 2psi while still giving you the highest flow rates possible — in other words: industry leading flow rates with maximum patient safety.

Precision Flow Control

Precision Flow Control

The large flow meter shows the patient flow rate instantly while the responsive flow control gives you infinite control over the flow rate.

Combined with APST means you can maximize flow rate with safety in mind.

Triple Water Treatment

Triple Water Treatment Aquanet Colon Hydrotherapy Machine
  1. Ultra-Violet Treatment
  2. 5-micron Sediment Filters
  3. Activated Carbon Filters


The Aquanet APS-100

The proven colon hydrotherapy machine chosen by health professionals the world over.

Clinical performance, rugged simplicity.

All with maximum patient safety.



North America 1.800-223-9374

International +1.604-929-7019

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Aquanet APS-100 is cleared by the FDA as class II medical device
International Standards

The APS-100 meets international medical equipment standards.

It is cleared as a class II medical device by the FDA, Health Canada and as a class IIa device by the European Community


Aquanet APS-100 Colon Hydrotherapy Machine

Leading health professionals around the world
choose the APS-100.


International Standards
Aquanet APS-100 is cleared by the FDA as class II medical device

The APS-100 meets all international medical equipment standards.

It is cleared as a class II medical device by the FDA, Health Canada and European Community


Digital Temperature Gauge and
Treatment Timer
Aquanet APS-100 digital temperature gauge and treatment timer for colon hydrotherapy

For maximum convenience these digital readouts are integrated into the front of the APS-100.


Universal Medical Grade Power Supply

Colon Hydrotherapy Machine Universal medical grade power supply and adapters

Our international plugs combined with a medical grade power supply means your APS-100 can operate anywhere around the world.


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