Quality Assured ISO, GMP, MDD Colon Hydrotherapy Devices

Quality AssuredColon Hydrotherapy Equipment: Aquanet

Prime Pacific is proud to be ISO 13485:2003 certified for the manufacture of medical devices.


All of our colon hydrotherapy devices are manufactured to the highest international medical standards. This means our facilities and systems are regularly audited by regulatory and certifying agencies to ensure we continue supplying you with safe and effective devices that meet the highest international quality assurance standards for medical devices.


PPHIC_interior_image_supplies_overview_v1It also means we must continually work to improve our products.


All our devices are built  and tested to the hightest quality assured international medical standards

 FDA cleared class II, Health Canada cleared class II, CE cleared class IIa

Quality Management System Certified to ISO 13485:2003 international standards


Certificates, Licences, and Registrations

ISO 13485:2003 Certificate of Registration


FDA Section 510(k) Cleared, Regulatory Class II (FDA GMP)

Health Canada Medical Device License (CMDCAS)


CE Marked (0413)

EC Certificate – Full Quality Assurance System Approval Certificate (Annex II of the Directive 93/42/EEC on Medical Devices)


CSA Certificate of Compliance to Medical Standards

IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) – CB Test Certificate



Please Note: In the USA class II Colon Hydrotherapy devices including speculums and treatment kits are regulated by the FDA. Regulations restrict the sales of these items by or on the order of a physician. Their purchase and use must be authorized by a medical professional licensed in your jurisdiction.

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